Jeanine Pirro on the NRA: “I’ve prosecuted organizations or individuals who cheat their organizations, okay? It happens all the time. It’s no big deal”

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Citation From the August 7 edition of Fox News’ Fox & Friends

PETE HEGSETH (FOX & FRIENDS CO-HOST): When you see this attorney general saying we’re going to dissolve the NRA, your reaction?

JEANINE PIRRO (FOX NEWS HOST): Well, you know, when I heard about this major announcement the night before this was actually announced and then about an hour before the attorney general has an announcement of national import, you knew she was desperate for some attention.

But when she comes out and she says we are going to sue the NRA and I'm thinking to myself, this has to be big. Well, it's the classic self-dealing allegations, private travel, expensive meals, airplanes.

It's classic, but what she decides to do and let me set the table here for a second. This Letitia James is a Trump-hating, NRA-hating individual who made both essential theme of her campaign when she ran for attorney general in liberal New York state if I need to add that myself. So she is coming through with her promise she's going to destroy the NRA.

But look I've prosecuted organizations or individuals who cheated their organizations, okay? It happens all the time. It's no big deal. All right?

But this is her conclusion. This is her conclusion. She says now, I'm going to move to dissolve the NRA. You're going to what? You're going to dissolve the NRA? It is the biggest voice for gun owners in America. Is this suddenly starting to sound political to you, especially so soon before an election, so close to an election?