Jaimee Michell, who is cisgender, tells two cisgender men on Fox News that Twitter banning “trans against groomers” is “transphobic”

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Citation From the September 25, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton

STEVE HILTON (HOST): Jaimee, the news about this was reported by The Advocate as, "PayPal, Venmo bans gays against groomers, the anti-trans hate group." Are you anti-trans? 

JAIMEE MICHELL (GUEST): Well, thanks for having me on and that opener was just so spot on. No, we're not anti-trans. We actually have multiple trans people in our organization and about a week ago, we launched a partner coalition called trans against groomers because we had so many trans people coming to us in our DMs saying, I want to be part of this. How can I help? So, we started a partner coalition and within two days of that launching, Twitter banned it. It's currently still banned. So, obviously, we're not anti-trans and anybody claiming that we are is disingenuous and they're just using trans people, honestly, for covers to push this agenda through and I think that's pretty transphobic and that's anti-hate, I'm sorry, anti-trans bigotry. But, yeah, that has happened. Yup. 

HILTON: I didn't know about trans against groomers, good on you for doing that.