Huckabee again uses his Fox News show to promote PAC-endorsed candidate

Mike Huckabee again used his Fox News program to showcase a Republican candidate that he's also promoting through his political group Huck PAC. On his July 10 show, Huckabee hosted and touted Republican congressional candidate Star Parker, who's running for California's 37th Congressional District as a Republican. During his introduction of Parker, Huckabee said, “And by way of personal disclosure, Star is a friend, I've endorsed her, she's in the middle of a campaign. So I didn't want anyone to say, 'Oh, but you know Star.' Yes, I do, and I like her a lot.”

Parker appeared on the program in a segment with “Democratic” pollster Pat Caddell and former Clinton administration official Lanny Davis to be, according to Huckabee, “as fair and balanced” as possible.

Huckabee, through his Huck PAC, released a statement in support of Parker on May 6, stating that she “is one of the most powerful communicators and debaters I've seen, and I can't wait to watch her deconstruct the liberal agenda live from the House floor.” Parker has also been endorsed by Fox News contributors Sarah Palin and Karl Rove.

Huckabee has repeatedly used his Fox News program to promote his PAC; last year, he sent viewers to his PAC's website under the guise of signing a petition (which collected email addresses for the PAC). Earlier this year, Huckabee hosted and promoted the “transparency” efforts of Florida State Sen. Mike Haridopolos (R), who Huckabee described as an innovator and local politician doing good work. That time, Huckabee did not disclose that Haridopolos endorsed Huckabee for president and served as the co-chairman of his Florida campaign; Huckabee, in turn, endorsed Haridopolos in 2009.

Media Matters has noted that Fox News personalities like Huckabee, Dick Morris, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have used their Fox News positions to benefit and promote their outside political interests.

Fox Television recently announced that it would begin a trial run of the new “Huckabee Show” on some Fox-owned broadcast television stations later this month.