How many Fox News personalities does Palin thank in Going Rogue?

At the end of her forthcoming book, Going Rogue, Sarah Palin thanks, by name, the “bold and patriotic, fair and balanced media folks” who “mak[e] the idiots' heads spin” :

To some media professionals whom I admire because you don't let anyone tell you to sit down and shut up, please keep making the idiots' heads spin. Thanks for not taking our Freedom of the Press for granted, you bold and patriotic, fair and balanced media folks. Keep calling it like you see it: Amanda, Andrew, Ann, Bill(s), Bob, Cal, Dennis, Dick, Eddie, Fred, Glenn, Greta, Hugh, Joey, John, Jonah, Larry, Laura, Lou, Mark, Mary, Michael, Michelle, R.A.M., Rich, Rush, S.E., Sean, Tammy, Walter ... and there are more. I join you in standing up for what is right. Remember that as your voice is heard and your spine is stiffened, the spines of others are stiffened, too. (Going Rogue, Page 413)

So who are all these people? Well, we can think of a Bill, Glenn, Greta and Sean whom Palin may have reason to thank. Oddly, Bill, Dick, Fred, Laura, Michelle, Rich, S.E., and Tammy are also names that sound familiar to those of us who like our cable news “fair and balanced.”