Hosting Scott Atlas, Laura Ingraham mocks the COVID-19 fatality rate even as thousands die a day

Ingraham says that, “We're not mathematicians here at The Ingraham Angle” before suggesting that the fatality rate is “less than the flu”

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Citation From the December 11, 2020, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): What if I told you that the true number of COVID cases in the U.S. may be orders of magnitude higher than what's been officially recorded? Now, the CDC estimates that only one in seven COVID infections were actually counted between February and September. During that time, the CDC says there were as many as 53 million cases, 45 million of which were symptomatic. But it's December now and given today's caseload, the total number of infections could be as high as 118 million? Now we're not mathematicians here at The Ingraham Angle but that would put the fatality rate for COVID at roughly 0.2 percent if you -- if you get it. 0.2 percent which is markedly less than the flu.

Joining me now is Dr. Scott Atlas, former White House COVID advisor, Hoover Institution Senior Fellow -- Dr. Atlas, now this is something you and this show have been talking about for many months now, what do we need to know? 

DR. SCOTT ATLAS: Hey, Laura. Thanks for having me Well, I mean, this really isn't news if people had been following the science as they claim they have been. In fact, even the CDC months and months ago wrote that it was the number of people with the -- with the infection is somewhere between six and 20 times and most people said about ten times the number of reported cases. That's the data that was validated in the early seropositivity studies, the antibody studies by the people at Stanford, Bhattacharya and others, and it's been validated all over the world and so the reality is that there's probably tenfold roughly the number of infections as originally thought or even recorded and that means that as you are alluding to, the infection fatality rate is really very low. In fact, for people who are young, children, it's less than flu and it's only for those people who are old, particularly over 70 with comorbidities where it's very, very high, much higher than seasonal flu. 

INGRAHAM: Now, if you listen to a lot of the TV medical doctors, Dr. Atlas, you would think that young Americans were dropping like flies from this.