Here's How Fox's Lauren Green -- Now Under Fire For Reza Aslan Interview -- Described How She Interviewed Muslims In 2012

Green: “I Know Where I Stand, And I Still Have To Interview Him In A Way That Respects His Faith ... I Want To Give Him The Chance To Answer His Critics”

From a February 28, 2012, discussion at Princeton University:

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GREEN: I think anybody comes with, into the table with a certain amount of information, certain amount of background, a certain default, a certain understanding of how the world should work, and so to say that I don't have a belief system is like, 'Erg, that's just not being intellectually -- having any intellectual integrity.' You've got a foundation, like I say, you've got an intellectual framework by which you're going forward. And if -- you've just got to acknowledge this.

I mean, when I've interviewed Muslims, I mean, it's like, I know where I stand, and I still have to interview him in a way that respects his faith, and because I understand religions, and because I also understand the objections to those religions, and I want to give him the chance to answer his critics. If I don't come to the table with the right information about what people are saying about it, then they -- they appear to be stupid. They appear not to understand their own faith. It's like give them a chance, if they believe what they believe, then they should be able to answer the critics. And if they don't -- but, you know, that's their problem. It doesn't mean the faith isn't good, it doesn't mean the religion isn't good, it means somebody hasn't really done their homework. 

Green's interview and Q&A at Princeton can be viewed here.


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