Here Are 10 Previous Instances Of Roger Ailes Revealing His Paranoia, Bigotry, And Vindictiveness

Gabriel Sherman's new book, The Loudest Voice in the Room, reveals some of the paranoiasexism, and vindictiveness surrounding Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

2012's The Fox Effect by Media Matters' David Brock and Ari Rabin-Havt also documented Ailes' abrasive personality. Sherman reported Ailes was “obsessed” with The Fox Effect and retaliated against it by airing segments “claiming Brock was mentally unstable.”

Here are 10 instances from The Fox Effect of Ailes revealing his true self:

  • While working for former President George H.W. Bush, Ailes reportedly told him, “You can't wear a short sleeve shirt - you'll look like a fucking faggot.” [The Fox Effect, p. 32]
  • In testimony to the Federal Election Commission, Ailes explained, “When Republicans see Willie Horton they see a criminal, and when Democrats see Willie Horton they see a black.” [The Fox Effect, p. 34]
  • As a consultant to Richard Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, Ailes said a racist should be given the chance to pose a question during a town hall meeting: “As long as we've got this extra spot open. A good, mean, Wallaceite cab driver. Wouldn't that be great? Some guy to sit there and say, 'Alwright mac, what about these niggers?'” [The Fox Effect, p.24]
  • Ailes claimed “social justice means different things to different audiences, however it has been used in situations leading to fascism, socialism, and communism as well.” [The Fox Effect, p. 147]
  • In 1972, Ailes told the Washington Post: “If you come out and say that a guy's a commie, fag bastard, the public turns you off, not him.” [The Fox Effect, p. 144]
  • While discussing then-Senator Barack Obama's political success in 2007, Ailes said, “It is true that Barack Obama is on the move. I don't know if it's true that President Bush called [Pakistani President Pervez] Musharraf and said: 'Why can't we catch this guy?” [The Fox Effect, p. 63]
  • After hiring Glenn Beck, Ailes said, “I see this as the Alamo. . . If I just had somebody who was willing to sit on the other side of the camera until the last shot is fired, we'd be fine.” [The Fox Effect, p. 83]
  • Ailes described NPR as “Nazis,” adding, “They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism.” [The Fox Effect, p. 147]
  • In response to the use of a “friendship tree” at his son's school at Christmas time, Ailes explained, " I wrote 'Merry Christmas' on the wall in crayon and left. My wife said, 'You're fricking five years old. What the hell are you doing writing on the school wall with a crayon?' I said, 'Oh, screw 'em.'" [The Fox Effect, p. 164]
  • Ailes reportedly described a janitor who he believed was a Muslim as someone who “could be bombing me.” [The Fox Effect, p 45]