Hemmer laughably claims that Fox “opinion” shows don't bleed into his program

Bill Hemmer, the anchor of Fox News' America's Newsroom, claims in a TVNewser interview that Fox News' “opinion” programs don't bleed into his “news” program:

TVNEWSER: The evening opinion hosts get a lot of press and a lot of attention ... I'm kind of wondering, do you think that there's any sort of effect on the news reporters and anchors?

HEMMER: I hope not. You wonder if some of that bleeds over into other areas. In our case, it does not. On our broadcast, with Martha MacCallum and me, we shoot it down the middle at 9am and for the next several hours after that.

As Jon Stewart noted of Fox News' purported opinion-news division, “It's a perpetual revulsion machine.”

From the Media Matters archive of America's Newsroom:

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And finally, a picture example of America's Newsroom shooting “it down the middle”:

Fellow Fox “straight news” anchor Jon Scott -- when he's not cut and pasting GOP research as own or repeating fake stories that have already been retracted -- has also defended the integrity of the channel's news hours.

UPDATE: Seriously, where would anyone get the idea that the “opinion” shows bleed into the “news” programs?

(3/13/09; 1/12/09; 2/2/09; 3/13/09; 6/9/09)