Greg Gutfeld attacks the media for not doing enough to prevent the next 9/11 and instead focusing on Trump scandals 

Gutfeld: “As we watch the media obsess over gossip and palace intrigue, remember that they're missing whatever comes next.”

From the September 11 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): First, it's always interesting to see with the media covers when we are out of news. Will Michael Jordan come out of retirement? How do low calorie diets affect mice? How bad is Mariah Carey's movie Glitter? Those were some of the stories appearing before September 11, 2001. They were the stories being covered when the planes were en route because we had the luxury of covering them. Then boom. 9/11 is for millions a loss of innocence. When we all grew up together in one morning no longer naive about an evil world. Suddenly, what we are reading evaporated with 3,000 lives. We felt shame. How did we not see this coming? Some people did. They were ignored, which is why 17 years to the day, we shouldn't just remember the victims, but the warnings too. We can't let those warnings die.

For unlike threats of old, mutually assured destruction is no deterrent. For the murderous martyr, the more the merrier. The planet is merely a drunk tank for heaven, a pointless stop on a final journey. Technology helps the enemy speed up the trip, a bio agent on a drone, sent to an open-air stadium will make 9/11 feel like 9/10. And if it happens, I know what we won't be thinking about: tweets, scandals, politics. And so as we watch the media obsess over gossip and palace intrigue, remember that they're missing whatever comes next and when it happens, they won't remember it themselves because it really won't matter.


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