Gibson's guest host Krok called Obama a “steamy hot pile of crap wedged between two pieces of bread”


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On the August 7 edition of Fox News Radio's The John Gibson Show, guest host Chris Krok described Sen. Barack Obama as “a stinky, hot, steamy crap sandwich,” a “steamy crap sandwich,” and a “stinking crap sandwich.”

Referring to Obama, Krok said:

This whole thing, you know what it is? It is Christmas morning and you wake up and there is a beautiful present beneath the tree. And it looks so beautiful it is awesome. It's like you're so excited and you're so everything, you know, “Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama.” You're cheering, you're cheering, you're cheering, “Obama, Obama, Obama.” And then you open up the present and you go, “Oooh, I can't wait.” Your mouth is salivating, and watering, and you're getting so -- “Ooooh.” And you get the present, and you get your hands -- “Oh yeah.” And you're going to rip it up. You open it up, and then what is inside is a sandwich. And you get excited, “Oh, a sandwich.” And you take a big bite of that sandwich. But what is it? What's inside of that sandwich? It is a stinking -- stinky, hot, steamy crap sandwich. It is a stinky, hot -- it is a steaming, hot pile of crap wedged between two pieces of bread. That is what Barack Obama is. He is a steamy crap sandwich. He is a fraud.

Krok later stated: “Let me tell you something Obama is that stinking crap sandwich. He is a fraud”:

KROK: You've made up your mind and because you lost your job, you'll be just like Obama, growing up African-American and biracial. And so you let that stuff take you -- take the negativity, take you negative, and you go negative. And so you're going to vote not for something, you're voting against something. See, and you lost your job, so you're going to vote against McCain. Not because -- you're not voting for Obama, you're voting against McCain because something bad happened to you. Let me tell you something, Obama is that stinking crap sandwich. He is a fraud.

Greg Johnson is an intern at Media Matters for America