Fox's Your World with Neil Cavuto hosts climate denier to analyze tornadoes ravaging Oklahoma and Texas

From the May 21 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto

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NEIL CAVUTO: We've seen more than 50 tornadoes touching down in a matter of days in this area, largely Oklahoma, Texas. So is that normal? Weatherbell Chief Forecaster Joe Bastardi is with me on that. What do you think, Joe? 

JOE BASTARDI: Well, we're a bit above normal this year, but it's a rare year. Since 2011, an unbelievable season back then. Most of the years have been at or below normal. And so this particular year we're running above normal. Now what's interesting about this, is in the preseason looking at it, there was so much warmth predicted by computer modelling across all of the United States, with the exception of Arizona into west Texas, that it had the signature on the models of another very low year. So I predicted average to below normal this year, what has happened is and what is fascinating is, it seems like the long range modelling can't detect cold air anymore.


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