Fox's Watters Uses Flint Water Crisis To Mock “The Left” For Fighting For Clean Drinking Water

Jesse Watters: “It's Turning Into Mexico, You Can't Drink The Water And The Government Is Corrupt”

From the January 22 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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JESSE WATTERS: A new development on the polluted water disaster in Flint, Michigan. For years the left has told Americans that they are on the ones that will keep the water clear, they are the ones who cared about safe drinking water. Remember?


WATTERS: And Hillary Clinton just last weekend playing the race card, saying the Republican governor didn't care!


WATTERS: Well guess what, it was also the Obama administration that dropped the ball, President Obama's EPA. How do we know this? The EPA administrator overseeing the water crisis in Flint has just resigned, so it's clear, Dana, that the Republicans want polluted water, we want the water to be dirty so everybody drinks it and gets sick, isn't that what everybody is saying?[...]

WATTERS: That's right it's turning into Mexico, you can't drink the water and the government is corrupt.


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