Fox's Trish Regan: Trump is showing asylum-seeking families “tough love” by taking children away from their parents

Fox & Friends Weekend host Pete Hegseth: Images of detained children are “quite compassionate. ... We're going to make sure they're fed well, they're cared for. ... In this case, this is defensible.”

From the June 19 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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PETE HEGSETH (FOX & FRIENDS WEEKEND HOST): They don't have anything else to run on, the economy is gangbusters so they've got to have -- they're sending the nightly news cast down to the border to report from there like this is suddenly now an issue because it's happening under Donald Trump. Listen, Melissa you said -- I find all the images horrifying, a lot of them are tough to watch, but I actually think they're quite, they look quite -- many of them, quite compassionate. Our government is trying to say these are kids, these are young kids, we're going to make sure they're fed well, they're cared for well, we have too much -- we don't have enough capacity, we need to grow that capacity. But they're temporarily going to be there and reunited with their parents when it is adjudicated. These are not concentration camps camps, which is what people have said. 

TRISH REGAN (CO-HOST): How is it that we are --

HEGSETH: You can defend the defensible. In this case, this is defensible. 

MELISSA FRANCIS (CO-HOST): But Pete -- Pete, there's no moment in time where someone would take my child away for me that I wouldn't be hysterical.

HEGSETH: Fair enough.

FRANCIS: It's never compassionate. 

HEGSETH: You're not breaking the laws of the land. If you had a DUI, if you had an armed robbery, you'd better believe the government would separate you from your kids and incarcerate you. It happens every single day to law-abiding citizens of a country when they break the law. These folks are breaking the law. 

REGAN: Can I jump in Pete? I think it goes back to something that you said initially, which is that we need to create the right kind of incentives and right now the incentive is, sure come here. Right? We'll take care of you, there's an opportunity here in the United States of America. And so people are willing to break the law to do so. Well, if they know that they're going to run the risk of being separated from their child for an indefinite amount of time, maybe they re-think that because as you said, you wouldn't -- who would do that? Who would ever be willing to do that? And so maybe it is a kind of tough love environment where the U.S. government is saying, you know what? You do something illegally, and you're not going to be rewarded for it. 


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