FOX's “suburban stay-at-home mom”

On July 19, FOX News Live anchor Bob Sellers identified guest Penny Nance as a “suburban stay-at-home mom.” The text displayed on the screen while Nance discussed “what issues matter most to suburban moms” and whether Senator John Kerry can “count on their votes” indicated only that Nance is a former “full time lobbyist” who “started a nonprofit organization for moms.” Yet Nance, who said on FOX News Live that she is “clearly in favor of President [George W.] Bush,” has made a career out of pushing conservative causes.

Penny Young Nance is the president of anti-abortion nonprofit organization Kids First Coalition, which “works to promote and encourage traditional families as well as to help those in crisis pregnancies.” Nance is currently registered as a lobbyist for the group, according to filings with the Senate Office of Public Records. Nance is also a board member of the right-wing Christian women's organization Concerned Women for America, for which she formerly served as legislative director and lobbyist. Additionally, she is a former staff member of Representative Pat Swindall (R-GA). Nance also serves as president of Nance and Associates, a public policy and media consulting firm.

From the July 19 edition of FOX News Channel's FOX News Live:

SELLERS: So as John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards, hit the road, one special group they'll be courting along the way: America's women voters. ... Let's talk about one particular group of women the Kerry and Bush campaigns will be focusing on: the suburban moms, the so-called “soccer moms,” as some of them are referred to. What issues matter most to suburban moms, and can Kerry count on their votes? In our studio, we're joined by independent pollster Scott Rasmussen and president of the; and, in Washington, Republican pollster David Winston, he's president of the Winston Group; and Penny Nance, a suburban stay-at-home mom. Forget these guys who do this all the time, lemme just ask you, Penny, what are your feelings here? Are the candidates talking about the right things and who are you inclined to vote for?

NANCE: Well, I'm clearly in favor of President [George W.] Bush because I believe he is the man that American women trust to protect our children and he cares about the safety and well-being of our children.


Well, I talk to women all over the country, Bob, and I'm hearing women talk about the issues of safety and well-being of their kids. ... [T]hese safety issues are the things that American women are talking about on the playgrounds and on the soccer fields of America and we believe that President Bush hears us and cares about these issues. His Department of Justice is working on this, his homeland security is meeting evil head on.

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