Fox's Steve Hilton blames critics of Trump's racism for “inflaming cultural and class divisions”

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Citation From the August 5 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier 

STEVE HILTON (GUEST):  I'm very pleased you brought that up. There was a very interesting piece in the LA Times today, I think it was yesterday actually, I read it yesterday, which some academics went through and profiled the life's histories of every mass shooter since 1966 and in the vast majority of cases they found there was what they described as severe and serious childhood trauma which could include abuse or parental separation or violence in the home. Childhood trauma in the vast majority of these cases. So to ignore that is just irresponsible. Just one quick point I want to make on the political aspect because it seems to me these presidential candidates, who were running around accusing the president of stirring up racial division - when they speak like that, Trump supporter's hear those words as just as much an attack on them as an attack on the president. And it seems to me that they are also guilty of inflaming cultural and class divisions in the way they're talking about this issue. I think everyone just needs to lower the temperature.