Fox's Stephen Hayes Claims President Obama Is Using Oregon Shooting As Distraction From “Avalanche Of Bad News”

Hayes: “I Think He's Distracting Attention From His Other Problems”

From the October 1 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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STEPHEN HAYES: Like Charles, I don't doubt that the fact that the president's passionate about that. We saw that tonight. We have seen that before from this president. But, to say this now before we know anything about this, I mean, we don't know anything about the circumstances of the shooting. We don't know anything about the -- how the shooter obtained the weapon in question. We don't know any of, this and, yet, the president is using this occasion, to urge us to change our gun laws? There were 50 shootings in Chicago over the weekend, for the second straight weekend in a row. Why didn't the president go out and make a statement then? I'm sorry. It's a very cynical thing to say. But you know, he has had an avalanche of bad news over the past 36 hours. And I think he is using this shooting to get out from under it.


HAYES: He's the one who said we should politicize this. Well, he did. I think that's what he did here. I think he's distracting attention from his other problems. 


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