Fox's Special Report panel dismisses report that Donald Trump potentially destroyed classified and top secret information

Hugh Hewitt: “No one in America outside of the progressive hard-left cares”

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Citation From the February 10, 2022, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

BRET BAIER (HOST): If Republicans were really, really upset and focused on Hillary Clinton's emails and all of that classified back-and-forth then what happened with those documents, shouldn't they be really upset or concerned about what's coming out? We don't know factually that this is all true. But, if it is, shouldn't they be as concerned?

BILL BENNETT (GUEST): Well, sure they should be concerned about it. But, again, let's review policy during the Trump administration and policy now. I'm sure the Justice Department and others will look into this. But, my gosh, this is a part of a long story of allegations against Donald Trump. Most of which proved groundless as you know. But, sure, look into it. Sunlight's the best disinfectant, take a look. 

BAIER: Yeah, I mean, Hugh, obviously they did pull 15 boxes from Mar-a-Lago. We don't again know about the toilet and the papers, very quickly.

HUGH HEWITT (GUEST): 100% correct that they're down there, 100% sure that no one in America outside of the progressive hard-left cares. 

BAIER: And Harold? 

BENNETT: Right. That's right.