Fox's Shep Smith Denounces “Factually Wrong” Reports That “Turned Up” Anti-Black Lives Matter Rhetoric

Fox News And Conservative Media Trumpeted False Story To Push “War On Cops” Narrative


Fox News host Shepard Smith derided “factually wrong” reporting that was used to turn up negative rhetoric against the Black Lives Matter movement, much of the reporting was perpetuated by conservative media and Fox News.

After months of investigation following the suspicious September 1 death of Lt. Joseph Gliniewicz in Fox Lake, Illinois, investigators determined his death was a "carefully staged suicide."

However, not having all the facts didn't stop conservative media from attempting to build a pattern that would support their “war on cops” narrative and demonize the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gliniewicz's death was used by conservative media to trumpet their “war on cops” narrative and demonize the Black Lives Matter movement. According to MSNBC's Chris Hayes, Fox News even “trotted out a string of law enforcement officials” to lend credibility to the “so-called phenomena.” On the November 5 edition of his show, Fox's Shep Smith admitted that some in the media falsely connected the story to the Black Lives Matter movement, contributing to turning “up the rhetoric” when it was “factually wrong.”

From the November 5 edition of Fox's Shepard Smith Reporting:

SHEP SMITH: And think of the narrative that came out of that from so many, many places, about-- "it's the fault of the Black Lives Matter movementand all of this stuff that was just-- it really turned up the rhetoric and it really was factually wrong.

DAN SCHORR: Right, and one of the lessons of this story is you have to really sift through all the information and wait for it to come in and not jump to big conclusions and make giant conclusions based on a little bit of information. You have to find out all the facts first.

SMITH: Don't get ahead of the news.

SCHORR: Right.

SMITH: It will run you over.


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