Fox's Shannon Bream Continues To Call CMP's Misleading Planned Parenthood's Videos “Transfer Of Body Parts”

Planned Parenthood Is Suing The Center For Medical Progress For Their Deceptively-Edited Videos

In a segment on Special Report with Bret Baier, Fox News correspondent Shannon Bream, reported on Planned Parenthood's lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) for their series of deceptively-edited videos claiming to show the organization's staff engaged in unlawful actions related to fetal tissue donation. Independent analysis found that the videos were intentionally manipulated to portray the group negatively. Bream, who has a long history of biased reporting on reproductive rights, repeated the debunked claim that Planned Parenthood is illegally selling fetal tissue to for-profit and described the videos as “investigatory journalism.” From the January 21 edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier:

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SHANNON BREAM (FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT): Ahead of Friday's March for Life, Planned Parenthood is hoping to shut down one of the pro-life movement's most prominent voices. The man behind those undercover videos that sparked a national conversation about the fetal tissue market. I spoke with David Daleiden exclusively today about the lawsuit against his group, the Center for Medical Progress or CMP.


The video shows conversations with senior Planned Parenthood officials who think they're discussing the transfer of body parts and organs to employees of a fetal tissue procurement company. In its lawsuit Planned Parenthood calls CMP a quote “complex criminal enterprise, saying false statements, illegal recordings and a video smear campaign constitute a conspiracy to demonize and intimidate plaintiffs and to interfere with plaintiffs' operations. This conspiracy has costs plaintiff millions of dollars and put the security of Planned Parenthood's personnel and patients at serious risk.” Attorney Jay Sekulow who is defending one of CMP's other board members says investigative journalism has solid legal protection.