Fox's Pavlich Apparently Unhappy Fox Correctly Identified Jesse Jackson As A “Civil Rights Leader”

During a segment about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, Fox News hosted Jesse Jackson and introduced him as “one of our nation's most influential civil rights leaders. He was there with Dr. [Martin Luther] King for the 'I Have a Dream' speech ... a civil rights leader, as you all know.” Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich tweeted a minute later: “Can we please stop calling Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton 'civil rights leaders'? Thanks.”

Here's Jackson's introduction by Happening Now co-host Jamie Colby, which aired at 12:08pm ET:

Here's Pavlich's tweet -- apparently in response to the Fox News segment (or an amazing coincidence) -- at 12:09pm:

While Fox News has been critical of Jackson and Sharpton, who similarly has a long civil rights background, the network has also correctly referred to them both as a civil rights leaders online and on-air. 

As Colby noted during her interview, Jackson participated in the March on Washington on August 28, 1963. Jackson was also a top aide to Martin Luther King Jr. and was with King when he was assassinated in 1968. Jackson's daughter, Santita Jackson, is a Fox News contributor.