Fox's Outnumbered Denounces Calls To Moderate Anti-Abortion Rhetoric After Planned Parenthood Shooting

Hosts Accuse Democrats Of Politicizing Planned Parenthood Shooting While Attacking Planned Parenthood, Gun Regulation, And Obama

From the December 1 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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ANDREA TANTAROS: Fascinating timing on this one, Guy. Already the Democrats, right after the shooting were trying to politicize this. Now they are trying to use the shooting to defund, or I guess stop the efforts to defund the organization.

GUY BENSON: Well, that's cheap, paint-by-numbers demagoguery from Harry Reid, which should surprise precisely no one. That's what he does. And this is a two-fer for the left. They can push a gun control agenda while also changing the subject from Planned Parenthood's butchery and their unethical practices, and according to what we saw in some of those videos, illegal practices. They're changing the subject over to the totally indefensible actions of a madman. And what really gets to me here is this is classic end of discussion tactics, where you attribute violence to rhetoric, and the purpose of that is to raise the cost of that rhetoric, to silence the rhetoric, and to delegitimize the ideas behind a totally peaceful pro-life movement. It is very unfortunate, this is what happens a lot.


BENSON: [I]f we're going to start blaming rhetoric for stuff, this is the president who came out and said that Republicans are practically recruiting for ISIS, right, on whole refugee thing. Well, what if someone, God forbid, attacks a Republican congressman? Is Barack Obama responsible? Is his rhetoric responsible for the violence of someone crazy? When we go down this path to delegitimize rhetoric and blame rhetoric there is no end to it. And it is toxic for a free country.


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