Fox's Oliver North Attacks Obama Over Visit To Boston For Marathon Memorial Service

Fox News host Oliver North is attacking President Barack Obama for visiting Boston to attend a memorial service for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, suggesting that his visit could hurt the bombing investigation.

North wrote on his Twitter account: “How many law officers were pulled off the marathon massacre investigation to provide protection for Obama in Boston?”

During his visit to Boston, Obama will meet with families of the victims and first responders. Obama has declared a state of emergency in Boston, which allows Massachusetts to receive federal funding to cope with the aftermath of the attack.

While North is apparently criticizing Obama for visiting the site of the bombing, the right-wing media have previously attacked Obama for monitoring disasters from Washington, DC, and for leaving the country following a disaster.

North hosts the Fox News program War Stories but is best known for his central role in the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan administration. He unsuccessfully ran for the U.S. Senate from Virginia, and has kept active in helping the Republican Party. As a Fox News analyst, North has pushed bogus claims about military affairs and attacked Obama for having “failed as commander-in-chief” and possessing a “core philosophy of being anti-American.”