Fox's Neil Cavuto Claims GOP Candidates' Deficit-Swelling Tax Plans “Create Revenue”

Cavuto: These Plans “Create Revenue” In The Long-Term Like The Reagan Tax Cuts

From the October 29 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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NEIL CAVUTO (HOST): None of these plans as you know -- and remember with the Reagan tax cuts, because you and I are old enough to remember this -- you did have deficits start immediately because you sucked that revenue out. But it did create a revenue boom that, sure enough, Republicans and Democrats alike spent, and then some. So there is that separate issue. But it creates revenue. So -- but that's not immediate. So how do these guys address the fact that -- short-term at least -- they suck some money away from Uncle Sam, and near-term, present bigger deficits?

CHARLES PAYNE: I think the idea is that we're having these deficits anyway. If someone can tell me -- listen -- the deficits are marching higher and higher every single day, but there is going to be an inflection point. And that inflection point is going to see not only these deficits start to draw down, but American prosperity come back. If you sell me that, I'm willing to buy it.


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