Fox's Mike Huckabee pushes voter fraud myth: Migrant caravan “is a registration line for Democrat voters”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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SANDRA SMITH (CO-ANCHOR): What does this look like? I mean we know that they're still a long way from the southern border of the United States, but when this actually does happen, and it seems to be that the caravan growing in numbers. The last we heard it's grown to numbers greater than 7,000. And if this does happen, the president is vowing to send as many troops as necessary to stop this caravan from entering the country, what does that look like? 

MIKE HUCKABEE (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Well, it's gonna look ugly, quite frankly. But I'll tell you what also looks ugly is the fact that what we have is again an invasion. And you just can't stand there and say well, if there's that many of you, then we're gonna go ahead and just look the other way. Because then you've really created a wide open door. And it'll never stop. I don't understand, I mean what it looks like in some ways, Sandra, you might say, it's a registration line for Democrat voters, because the Democrats have been silent about this. Why? Do they not care about the borders of our country? Do they not care? Do they not have any interest in sorting out who is really coming here under the guise of asylum and who's coming here just because they feel like that they can and nobody can stop them because they're too great in numbers. If we're not a strong enough country to stop an invasion of several thousand people who demand, who feel like they have a right to bust through the borders, to break into our homes, to just come in and say we're going to do whatever we want, then we're not a very strong country anymore. 


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