Fox's Megyn Kelly Helps Clean Up After Gingrich's Child Janitor Proposal

Fox News' Megyn Kelly -- she of the “straight news” division at Fox -- sanitized Newt Gingrich's comments after he proposed that public schools fire unionized janitors and replace them with child labor.

At a campaign speech in November, Gingrich encouraged public schools to “get rid of the unionized janitors” and “pay local students to take care of the school”:

GINGRICH: You say to somebody, you shouldn't go to work before you're what, 14, 16 years of age, fine. You're totally poor. You're in a school that is failing with a teacher that is failing. I've tried for years to have a very simple model. Most of these schools ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they'd have pride in the schools, they'd begin the process of rising.

On America Live, Kelly cleaned up after Gingrich:

KELLY: He seemed to try to clarify that ... and say what he's talking about is maybe having kids be assistants to those union members.

Gingrich did try to explain "the janitor thing" on Thursday, asking: “So what if they became assistant janitors and their job was to mop up the floor and clean the bathroom? And you paid them.”

That clear things up?

Here's a thought. What if we focused on fixing the economy and schools, and the students' “job” was to go to school?