Fox's Meghan McCain: “The Liberal Hysteria Over Climate Change Was So Overblown That Now People Have A Hard Time Even Believing It” 

From the October 11 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered

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MEGHAN MCCAIN (CO-HOST): Break out the Zima the '90s are back in Clinton world as Al Gore campaigns for the Democratic nominee this afternoon in south Florida. Hillary's campaign saying it plans to use the former vice president to reach out to millennials to talk about climate change and to highlight dangers of third party candidates stealing votes. But Gore's addition to the campaign sparking a lot of  mockery from the right and even some from the left. Republican Senator Ben Sasse scoffing on Twitter quote, “I'm so excited Al Gore is cool again. Now I can bring back my Dawson's Creek haircut.” One of our own lucky guys, Jonah Goldberg, writing a blistering piece titled, Really, Al Gore? Get a clue, Hillary. That scream you hear from millennials." And the Huffington Post's Sam Stein tweeting, this throw back picture of Bill Clinton and Al Gore jogging with the line, “We're coming for you millennials.” I'm 31 and I'm an older millennial. I'm right at cusp of being not a millennial. I'm two years away from it. I was 14 when Al Gore was the nominee for president. I think this is the dumbest thing, dumbest tactic I've ever heard to reach out to millennials. What do you think? 

STEVE HILTON: I just saw this, and to be honest, I didn't think anything. I just thought, who cares? Honestly. I think the impact of this on election will be literally zero. 


SANDRA SMITH: How important is that, Meghan?

MCCAIN: Doesn't even rank in the top 10. I don't even think it's in the top 15 of what voters care about. The problem is, I used to work for the company that created “An Inconvenient Truth,” is the liberal hysteria over climate change was so overblown that now people have a hard time even believing it and believing that it's something that's justified which I do think there are signs we should look at but if Al Gore, if you take his word for it, there's a big flood that's going to come in and wipe us all away in five minutes.


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