Fox’s Martha MacCallum dismisses Donald Trump’s attempt to exchange weapons to Ukraine for dirt on the Bidens

MacCallum: “The fact of the matter is that the javelins were released”

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Citation From the March 14, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

MARTHA MACCALLUM (CO-HOST): When Trevor Noah is taking note of it, that, guess what, the Saudis and the UAE won't pick up the phone. I talked to Kurt Volker today, the former ambassador who was involved in all of that and has a long history with all these countries. He said that's stunning. It is stunning that they won't pick up the phone and take the phone calls from the President of the United States. 

And in terms of lethal weaponry that has gone to Ukraine, yes, you can go all through the impeachment moment with Zelensky, there's a lot there. But the fact of the matter is that the javelins were released. In fact, some of those weaponry systems were cut back under the Biden administration before they were then released. And when President Obama was asked by Ukraine to please send real weapons, they got MREs, as Jesse said. So the Democrat history on this is very weak. And President Trump sent them much more than anyone else had. That's the bottom line in terms of what they actually got.