Fox’s Mark Fuhrman Says Alton Sterling “Has To Take Responsibility” For His Own Death At Hands Of Cops

Fuhrman:“This Man Has To Take Responsibility That He Did Have A Gun”

From the July 7 edition of Fox News’ The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST):  Mark, you know this. We all have the luxury of sort of this armchair analysis and aren't there in the moment when someone says “this guy has a gun” and reportedly did have a gun on his person in his pocket, at least according to the initial reports. Your take? 

MARK FUHRMAN: Well, Megyn, when you look at this, we should talk about what we do know. The officers didn't see this suspect in suspicious behavior and then approach him. They were directed there by a radio call;  a citizen was threatened with a weapon. So they go there, and when you watch the escalation of force, first they verbalized, and he failed to comply with the verbal commands. They used a Taser, and that either didn't deploy correctly or didn't hit him correctly, but it was ineffective. Then they actually de-escalated the force that they could have used by tackling and then trying to grapple with the suspect. Now, this man has to take responsibility that he did have a gun, and he conducted himself in some manner to draw attention to a citizen who called the police. And after that, the one officer, if this is the way it went down, one officer shot, one officer didn't. When you hear, “He's got a gun,” if the other officer now uses deadly force, it's because he believes that that gun is in the hand or is attempting to be put in the hand of the suspect. 


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