Fox's Knee-Jerk Reaction To NYC Schools Debate: Blame Teachers

Fox News has an enemy in the education debate, and that enemy is teachers unions.

In the weeks since New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that he would block three charter schools from using public school space rent-free, conservative media have sent themselves into a tizzy distorting the mayor's record, accusing him of waging a “war on children” and calling him “Comrade Bill.” Perhaps no outlet was more indignant about de Blasio's decision than Fox News, whose hosts and pundits seemed incapable of discussing the story without blaming teachers unions, devoid of any evidence or support.

Watch below for Fox's “All Speculation, No Corroboration” approach to blaming teachers:

Fox's misguided outrage is unsurprising given the network's track record on unions. Its hosts and commentators have previously asked if “teachers unions [are] ruining your kids' education” and referred to labor unions as “parasites” that are “not doing anything” for workers. Fox host Dana Perino even suggested earlier this year that instead of making an “anti-NRA” film, filmmaker Harvey Weinstein could better “tackle gun violence if he would take on the teachers unions.”