Fox's Kilmeade likens Catholic charities helping migrants to them “supporting the mob”

Kilmeade: “You're supporting, in the big picture, illegal criminal activity”

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Citation From the October 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends 

AINSLEY EARHARDT (CO-HOST): This is the front cover of the New York post this morning, and we were all shocked when we saw this this morning. It says “Biden's Secret Flights." What he's doing is gathering thousands of these immigrant children, there are 37,000 of them that migrated here in July and August alone and they're putting them on chartered flights and they are dropping them into different cities around the country. We've been asking where are they going? Once they're here, what happens to them?

Well the New York Post got a tip that this was happening in Westchester, which is the White Plains area. It's just a suburb north of us, north of Manhattan. And they went there and they got all the logs, all the manifests or all the logs from the flights.


BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): So they're dropping them off at different locations, like, for example, from that flight Ainsley at around 12:30, the bus after the flight got into Syosset, Long Island --

EARHARDT: The bus took them from Westchester all the way out to Long Island.

KILMEADE: Yeah, right, so that's about half an hour from my house and they brought them to Mercy First, a nonprofit sponsored by the Catholic Sisters of Mercy that provides housing and services for children and adolescents who are the victims of societal problems. I guess societal problems, they thought American societal problems. They didn't know the 120 other countries' societal problems.

So, I just want to know if the Catholic Church is OK, if the Catholics are OK giving money to organizations that are helping settle illegal immigrants in our country. I think we should be very transparent about these organizations too. You can have a big heart but you got to be an American first. If you're playing a role with these cartels making money, by human trafficking, so once they get here they end up in a beautiful place like Syosset, Long Island. You have to sleep at night. I'm not too sure that these Catholic charities are thinking of the big picture. 

STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Well historically, the Catholic charities have supported migrants in the country for a very long time. 

KILMEADE: Illegals?

DOOCY: Absolutely.

KILMEADE: Illegals, who are human trafficked and brought there? I'm pretty sure they don't support human trafficking.

DOOCY: They have, they have. 

EARHARDT: They probably don't think about the politics. They just think about once you're here you need to have a place to go. 


KILMEADE: But there's politics in human trafficking. 

DOOCY: They've done that for decades. As long as I've gone to the church, they've been talking about that. 

KILMEADE: It's like supporting the mob. It's like the Catholic Church said, “Well the children of the mob are helpful." But you can't support the mob because the mobs does illegal — they're illegal criminal activity. You're supporting, in the big picture, illegal criminal activity.