Fox's Kennedy Rehashes Debunked Clinton-Petraeus Comparison

Kennedy: “Ask David Petraeus! ... These Are People Who Have Been Charged And Convicted Of The Same Thing That She's Being Accused Of”

From the September 29 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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SANDRA SMITH: I wonder if this was sort of the parallel to her Benghazi moment when she said 'what difference does it make.' When, in that same interview, Bill Clinton finished by saying 'what exactly does it matter.' I think we can all sitting here answer that question, I think everybody listening at home can answer that question. It matters --

KENNEDY: Ask David Petraeus! Ask Sandy Berger! 'What does it matter?' You know, these are people who have been charged and convicted of the same thing that she's being accused of. And I think, to Harris's point, the FBI is being so tight-lipped because they are building a real case here. 


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