Fox's Keith Ablow Reportedly Passes On U.S. Senate Run

Fox News contributor Keith Ablow has reportedly told Boston's FOX 25 that he will not run for Secretary of State John Kerry's former U.S. Senate seat and will back the candidacy of Republican State Rep. Dan Winslow. Ablow reportedly gave the station the following statement: 

"As I made clear, with the sprint to the Special Election in June, a primary fight was not in my blood. I have conferred with my chief advisor Roger Stone, who agreed with my assessment of a primary as an unwise choice for me. I am, therefore, very excited to lend my full support to Dan Winslow in the 2013 race for U.S. Senate from Massachusetts. Dan is a man of great intellect, creativity and compassion. I will join Dan's Exploratory Committee and work hard on his behalf.

Ablow previously claimed he would be open to “seriously” considering a run if neither former Sen. Scott Brown nor former Gov. William Weld sought the seat. When both decided not to run, Ablow then claimed he would run “If all the leaders of the Party united around me - to preclude a primary.”

Since he won't run for office, Ablow can continue to push “pop-psychology nonsense” on Fox News. Ablow, a member of Fox's “Medical A-Team,” has drawn widespread criticism and mockery for his Fox News analysis. Ablow once blamed the rise of birthers on President Barack Obama supposedly “sever[ing] himself from all core emotion.” He claimed that Vice President Joe Biden may be suffering from dementia. And Ablow regularly launches anti-LGBT attacks that, in the words of an American Psychiatric Association fellow, “have little basis in current clinical practices.”

In recent years several Republicans have used their Fox News employment to launch bids for office. Fox News host Geraldo Rivera said today that he's “leaning” toward a run for U.S. Senate from New Jersey and will be on the network “until five minutes before” he files.