Fox's Juan Williams Pours Cold Water On Fox Conspiracy Theory Clinton's Email Server Was Hacked

Williams: “This Guy Is Totally Lacking In Credibility”

From the May 5 edition of Fox News' The Five

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DANA PERINO (CO-HOST): What do you think Juan [of the claims Hillary Clinton's server was hacked]? Where there's smoke, there's fire?

JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): I love this conspiracy theory. I'm sitting here thinking wow, this is great, I'm going to write a novel. This is unbelievable. First of all this guy, totally totally lacking in credibility. By the way he says, he said he hacked in two times in five years because it really wasn't of interest.

PERINO: He said it was boring.

WILLIAMS: That's what he said. So all of a sudden you guys sitting here saying oh yeah, I bet they were in there and they got information about Benghazi. Another conservative witch hunt ... He also says he hacked Colin Powell. Get Colin Powell in the jail cell with her. And then of course Fox, not only Fox, but the Clinton campaign says, we don't believe this, we have no way to verify this guy. We have no evidence that he actually did it. He goes by the name, Greg is going to explode on this. He goes by the name Guccifer, what is this? Is he Lucifer? Is he the devil? And this is what we sit here discussing?


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