Fox's Jesse Watters: “No one can find Ukraine on a map”

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Citation From the October 8, 2019 edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): These aren't household names, they aren't heavy hitters, wake me up when the big dogs testify in public. The other thing is no one can find Ukraine on a map. If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine, they don't know a thing about it. Americans care about a few countries. They care about Saudi Arabia, the care about Israel, they care about Russia, China, and Mexico. That's it. Ukraine doesn't rise the level of a country that people care about.

We’re talking about a military aid package to a country that, I guess needs help but a lot of people don't really care that much about. If you turn on television, you see a reporter standing in Congress saying "someone was hearing something from someone else who was concerned about a military aid package." It's absolutely not registering in the American people's brain because it's not a sexy scandal. Russia was sexy, there was intrigue, people had handcuffs on them, it was about an election.

This has no intrigue whatsoever, and the Democrats have failed to deliver any sort of convincing narrative. Now the Republicans, can start hammering people when it becomes public. Maybe that's interesting, when you can watch something on television. Right now it's a faceless whistle-blower.