Fox's Jesse Watters claims outrage over Buffalo shooting “is a psy ops game” meant to distract from gas prices and inflation

Watters: “There are very powerful forces in this country that want you to be distracted”

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Citation From the May 16, 2022, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): They're hot and cold on hate crimes. Because if you frame it around Republicans being racist, and we need to take your gun away, what are we not talking about? Well, we're not talking about the economy being in ruins, gas prices hitting a record high for a seventh day in a row, crime run rampant, the border wide open, and Americans worse off now than when Joe Biden was elected.

White guilt is a very powerful emotion. When people feel guilty, it makes it easy to manipulate them. There's great shame in being called a racist or being associated with racism. And there's a movement out there to associate racism with you. If you're white, if you vote Republican, if you don't have a racist bone in your body, doesn't matter. There are very powerful forces in this country that want you to be distracted and looking inside yourself for what's gone wrong. They don't want you looking outside at the rest of the country and what a mess they've made of it. This is a psy ops game. Be careful out there.