Fox's Jeanine Pirro says she supports Russia’s arrest of American basketball star Brittney Griner

Pirro: “Let's just take off the table that this is improper”

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Citation From the August 5, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

JEANINE PIRRO (CO-HOST): Let's talk about Brittney Griner. I'm tired of everyone saying she's a hostage and she's a political prisoner and all this stuff. She's been going to Russia since 2014, right? Playing basketball there, making a million dollars or whatever she makes. And she knows what the laws are in Russia. She's got a vape with cannabis and hashish oil in the vape. She doesn't deny that it's hers, she doesn't deny that she packed it, she just says, I was in a rush. She had a trial, she was supposed to testify at the trial. The trial started on July 1st, July 7th she was supposed to testify. She chose not to testify and instead had a friend, I think, give character testimony. And instead of testifying, she then decided to plead guilty. So let's just take off the table that this is improper what has happened to her.

Was the sentence extremely long, overbearing? Absolutely, okay? But she committed a crime. The fact that it's not a crime in this country -- although I don't know about the hashish oil -- doesn't mean Russia has to abide by our laws. So let's get all of this straight. She goes to their country, she knows their laws, she knows their culture. And she never said that she was wrongfully interrogated or that somebody planted it on her or that she didn't put it in there. She said, I was in a rush, I didn't mean to break the law. Well, hell, most people don't intend to break the law, except for when they get caught. 

SANDRA SMITH (CO-HOST): So what are you saying? They shouldn't have this law? 

PIRRO: No, what I'm saying is, let's just take off the table the woman who hates the national anthem, who probably is not going to hear it for the next nine years if she's over there. And that's something else that tees the hell out of me. You know, you don't want to hear it, you don't even want to come out of the locker room? Forget you're going to take a knee. 


PIRRO: Here's the bottom line. She expects that country to come in full bore to take care of her.