Fox's Jason Chaffetz on Democratic debates: “They were doing everything they could to take away your freedoms”

From the June 28 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends:

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STEVE DOOCY (CO-HOST): Jason, you kinda are smiling a little bit because this has become the narrative by Republicans. It's like, we are going to campaign on you can't have socialists run the country.

JASON CHAFFETZ (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): The policy prescriptions put forward by the Democrats I don't think are going to be accepted by the mainstream. They may be lurching to the left to try to get the Democratic support out there, but if you look at taking away people's prescriptions -- or taking away their health care insurance. You look at the pro-illegal alien viewpoint. I think they're so out of touch, I don't see how they bring more people into the party. I think they're repelling people every time they stand up and debate.


CHAFFETZ: Everybody that has gone on to actually win the presidency had a degree of optimism with them. Everybody from Reagan, and Bush, and Bill Clinton to Barack Obama, but I heard none of that over the last two nights. They were doing everything they could to take away your freedoms, put government first, take more taxes. I don't think that resonates. I saw no degree of optimism coming from those Democrats, and I think it'll hurt them come general election.


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