Fox's Herridge: “I Hesitate To Be Really Critical Of The FBI, But It Feels Like They Were Almost Stenographers” During Clinton Interview

Fox Anchor Agrees: “It Sounded Like” The FBI Was “Reading From A Script And They Weren't Paying Attention To The Answers”

From the September 2 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting

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CATHERINE HERRIDGE: The other thing that really jumps out from this 302 summary is the fact that Mrs. Clinton said she used the account for convenience, but there was absolutely no follow-up from the agents about what that exactly meant because we now understand that she had multiple devices, there were multiple servers, yet they don't press her on this issue. And this is one of the main criticisms of the Republicans who had read this document, and this criticism seems very well-founded. I hesitate to be really critical of the FBI, but it feels like they were almost stenographers in this case and not really probing with their questions. 

GREGG JARRETT (HOST): You know, as a defense attorney, I got the same reaction. It sounded like they were reading from a script and they weren't paying attention to the answers because there were very few follow-ups. 


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