Fox's Harris Faulkner on the Biden administration: “I'm not even sure if they like women all that much”

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Citation From the May 9, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends

EMILY COMPAGNO (CO-HOST): This is the United States of America and baby formula is scarce? And this president isn't doing anything about it? He promised on the campaign trail we're going to fix every problem. Well, our babies need food now. It's absolutely reprehensible and I frankly don't understand why there's been zero accountability by the media for this president of all of these promises he made because now, it's getting really real and there were certain things that happened during the pandemic where obviously we were all banded together in a global pandemic. We were all going through it, right? But scarcity is a real thing. And scarcity right now has become prevalent in all walks of our life. So for this administration who also touts the importance of a housing market and underserved communities, the like -- well there's a shortage of homes and cars and appliances and baby formula. Manufacturers are now averaging 100-day waits for their materials, and that's why we're starting to see it in our works and computers and the like. But when you have mothers who cannot put food in their children's stomachs because of their special needs or any needs, it is about time that someone held this president accountable because absolutely right, it's under his purview.

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST):  We're going to have to. I'm sorry, just one second. Todd, Forgive me. I just thought of something. We're going to have to do this ourselves, right. They're not going to do this for us. They've already proven that. I'm not even sure if they like women all that much. No, I mean it, because they can't even understand how critical this is to all of us and Kennedy, our girls are older, but we've all been there. 

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): Yes. Never forget that feeling.

FAULKNER: So there will be church programs. There will be local programs. Look for your local programs. There will be moms who will pump. There will be. And it may not be enough for everybody, but my God, if we could still, and we can't, we would do it. We would band together and do what this administration, which hires a lot of women, but apparently, those women don't want to talk.