Fox's Gutfeld: “Coal Is A Moral Substance, Where Coal Reaches, People Live Longer, Happier Lives”

Juan Williams: “I Can't Believe You Guys Are Talking About Coal Like 'Oh, Coal Is Manna From Heaven'”

From the May 3 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE (CO-HOST): Do not penalize and demonize the coal industry. There are families that are relying on this, it's a good form, a source of energy. You should be embracing it and looking at ways, like fracking as well, to be able to create jobs in this country, versus cutting them off and shutting them down. And that guy's story is very, very compelling. When you think about it, it makes you think about his family, doesn't it?

ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Yeah. Hey Greg, under President Obama 29,700 coal mining jobs gone. President Obama did say if you want to build a coal-fired power plant, we will bankrupt you, this is a policy on the left.

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): This was one war he was happy to wage. And the problem is, coal is a moral substance. Where coal reaches, people live longer, happier lives. If you're anti-coal, you're anti-fracking, it's basic -- it reeks of white ocean privilege. We'll have all the heat, the hypocrisy of the left, this is what's amazing to me, is they always want to get rid of things that work, effective substances are foreign to them. So they -- that's why they love windmills, right? The left are like windmills in that they can only exist if there's a back-up generator.


JUAN WILLIAMS (CO-HOST): Well let me just say, and I think -- you know there's just something to be said for the idea that coal jobs are going away, and what Hillary Clinton said in trying to clean this up was, that she is looking to try to replace those jobs with clean energy jobs. To bring a new plan --

BOLLING: Do you think they're in West Virginia? The clean energy jobs?

WILLIAMS: I think they're gonna have to -- let me just tell you something --

BOLLING: -- In Silicon Valley.

WILLIAMS: I think, and by the way -- I can't believe you guys are talking about coal like “Oh, coal is manna from heaven.”


WILLIAMS: If you tried to breathe in Beijing? Please.


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