Fox's Greg Gutfeld whines about “no mercy being shown for the January 6 protesters”

Gutfeld: “Many of whom have never agitated in their lives”

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Citation From the June 16, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): There is an interesting theme here if you look at Merrick Garland and you look at Pelosi and you look at the media coverage of the attempted assassination of Kavanaugh. I have four examples, generally you only need three examples for a trend, but I have four examples. Four. This is kind of exciting to me.

So one, you have attacks on pro-life offices. Then you have the letter that was labeling parents as domestic terrorists. Then you have -- there's no mercy being shown for the January 6 protesters, many of whom have never agitated in their lives, right? Okay, that's three. Number four, voting not to protect SCOTUS, while protecting themselves.

That's four examples. They all have something in common. That is, I guess the two words is open season. It's as though the media should be distributing hunting licenses and bright orange vests to the excited hunters, aching to get the, you know, bag their first concerned parent.