Fox's Greg Gutfeld threatens to “go to war” against Americans if student debt is forgiven

Gutfeld: “And everybody who paid their debts would be on the military's -- on my side”

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Citation From the April 19, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): So, but, now the virtue signal of a B.A. bachelor's degree is not enough. So then it's like this person has a masters, well this person has a PhD. You're now in an arms race of degrees and the hangover is you pay it off later, it's the debt that you're accruing. It would be a shame if we could get people out of this track and say, look trade schools, the military, there's ways to gain experience in life so you don't end up in six, seven figures of debt.

And by the way, nobody is paying for it. You're paying for it. I -- that's something I would go to war for. Cancel debt, no no no no no. And everybody who paid their debts would be on the military's -- on my side.