Fox's Greg Gutfeld suggests “targeting the family” of suspected terrorists

Gutfeld: “This is war and in war you have to change the rules”

From the November 2 edition of Fox News' The Five

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): What I would do is, the piece of information here, he’s married with three kids. So here’s a fiend with a family and I said this before yesterday and Terry Schappert has brought this up and people are, he’s not really a lone wolf if you’ve got family. So if the family, if you say your family is going to suffer, we’re sending your family back if you do this. That directly effects the community in which these suspects, the people that you have suspicion on live. And it forces people, forces family members to say well what he is doing is directly affecting our lives. So if people know, maybe if a person knows that their family is at risk then they might not do it or maybe the family might act on it.


This is war and in war you have to change the rules, and the rules here is nothing’s really working in preventing these things except like, we don’t know if something is being prevented because it’s behind the scenes. In this case a tool which is targeting the family, and saying this family, we’re not hurting the family. But you’re leaving, you’re all going, that’s something new.


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