Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Lashes Out At The Pope For “Lecturing On Guns” After Orlando

Gutfeld: “If The Vatican Were As Unarmed As Pulse … The Pope Would Not Be Alive” 

From the June 13 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): If Orlando is gun violence, then what was 9/11, a box cutter violence? Shall we blame hardware stores for that act? Pressure cookers caused the Boston bombing, shall we blame Crate & Barrel? Blaming and inanimate object absolves you of actual guts. It wasn't the availability of weapons that caused these acts, it was a hateful, murderous, homophobic, misogynistic ideology, one that sees murdering gays as an act of compassion. And it's a belief ignored by multiculturalists. Islamism has killed gays for a while. So lefties, if you never spoke out against that, shut up about guns. Now the Pope is lashing out at guns, not Islamism. He says guns circulate too freely. Doesn't he know that ISIS hits soft targets, not hard ones like the Vatican? Its all based on hard versus soft. If the Vatican were as unarmed as Pulse, the club, the pope would not be alive. But ISIS knows that the Pope is surrounded by a military force consisting of 100 plus ex-Swiss soldiers who carry muskets but also sub-machine guns, with heavily armed agents nearby. If that club, Pulse, had three percent of the Pope’s arms, he wouldn't lecturing on guns. The Pope complained that aid and food in few support countries are often blocked, but guns are not. Doesn't he see that if it weren't for armed men from our country, most aid would get nowhere. He says he is pro-life, not here I’m afraid.  


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