Fox's Gillian Turner: Trump had a “strategic victory” because he showed “that he can make a deal”

From the September 10 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday:

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CHRIS WALLACE (HOST): We ask you for questions for the panel, and on this issue of the president's deal with the Democrats, a lot of you were as surprised as we were. @BeerPOTUS tweeted, “Will this lead to bipartisan legislation in the future, or did the Dems just pull one over on Trump with this deal?” But Rick Conner sent this on Facebook: “Since the Republicans have dragged their feet on every bit of the president's agenda, who can blame him for trying to find someone in D.C. that will help him?” Gillian, how do you answer them? 

GILLIAN TURNER: I would say I agree with Mo and Brit that the president has given up some leverage here in the short-term, but to me that's a tactical problem, and I think this deal really is a strategic victory for the president in the sense that --

BRIT HUME: What for three months? A three-month strategic victory? 

TURNER: I think at this moment the terms of this particular deal are less important than the fact that the president is showing that he can make a deal. 


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