Fox's Geraldo Rivera: Ben Carson's Story Is “So Improbable That He Causes People To Be Skeptical”

From the November 6 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GERALDO RIVERA: What about the fact that he [Ben Carson] claims that he knifed the guy in the belly and the only reason he didn't kill the guy was because it hit his belt buckle? What is this? Is this a movie? Where was the last -- I'm probably the only person in this building who's actually been stabbed -- I've had more street fights -- Nobody gets stabbed in the belt buckle. It only happens in fantasy. I mean, it is a story that's on its face, so improbable, that he, causes people to be skeptical. How important is that in the big picture? Brilliant neurosurgeon, so measured, so intelligent, such a great role model? I don't know. People can judge. But it seems to me a preposterous tale. It's like Joseph built the pyramids to store grain. I'm sorry, but Joseph didn't build the pyramids. They were built by Egyptian monarchs to -- as their burial grounds. I mean I -- at one point you have to say -- it's not just about a guy who believes in the literal Garden of Eden and the world being created in six days and on the seventh day the Lord rested. It's more than that. It's about a person who is saying I came from so far down that I was stabbing my friends in the belly, and only a miracle staved my blade and allowed me to go on and become a great person. 


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