Fox's Gasparino Complains That Donors Only Given “Good” Seats For Papal Visit To St. Patrick's Cathedral

Charles Gasparino: “A Lot Of Them Wanted Preferential Seating, And They Aren't Going To Get It”

On the September 23 edition of Fox News' The Real Story, Fox Business correspondent Charles Gasparino told host Gretchen Carlson that some of the wealthy benefactors of St. Patrick's Cathedral's three-year, $175 million restoration were unhappy with their non-preferential seating for the pope's visit on September 24. Gasparino stated that the billionaire donors were only offered “good” seats for the papal event. According to reports, some of the same benefactors, including Republican mega-donor Ken Langone, had previously threatened to pull their support for the massive project in response to Pope Francis' criticisms of capitalism and growing economic inequality. During a December 2013 interview with CNBC, Langone, who Gasparino praised as “one of the greatest businessmen, and benefactors, this city has ever seen,” lashed out the pope for criticizing the wealthy for not doing enough for the poor:

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