Fox's The Five Uses Earth Day To Push Debunked Climate Change Denier Myths

Greg Gutfeld: Climate Change Scientists “Have A Lot In Common With ISIS”

From the April 22 edition of Fox News' The Five:

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GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): To get these bozos to care about ISIS, you would have to link beheadings to a carbon footprint. They have their priorities completely backwards. These are the folks that would condemn Christian bakeries, but don't even think about the fact that gays are being thrown off of buildings in Iran. It's nuts. Or Iraq. An overwhelming majority of climate hysterics do not read the literature because they were told they didn't have to. When the president said the science is settled, that got them a class exemption from science class. And if you understand science, you know the whole point of it, the engine of science is to be willing to be proven wrong. The only way you know you can be right is to be skeptical. A true scientist is skeptical, now you have these guys that are out trying to penalize skeptics, they're trying to tie them to corruption. This is an affront to science. Enlightenment got rid of this persecution, and they're bringing it back. It makes me think they have a lot in common with ISIS cause they both wanna go back to the 7th century.


ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): Not only do we have these guys who are doing that, we have presidential candidates who have now tied global warming to ISIS, to Islamic terror, which is even more insane. Earth Day, and I do this every year, I'm gonna do it again this year, I'm going to roll the windows down on my SUV. I'm going to put the air conditioning on and drive home, open my windows at home and turn on the AC on there and fire up the 20,000 BTU barbecue for a nice, nice chicken dinner. Not a steak dinner, a chicken dinner. In Bernie's world I'm causing more terror. 


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