Fox’s Eric Bolling Floats Conspiracy Theory That Murdered DNC Staffer “Was A Hit”

Eric Bolling: “It's Like An Episode Of Homeland”

From the August 10 edition of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor:

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ERIC BOLLING (GUEST HOST): Third topic, one of my favorite topics of the day. Julian Assange now says that he has -- he may have more leaks, more whistle blowers. Now, there was a staffer who was killed. A DNC staffer who was murdered in D.C. People are trying to make the link between this DNC staffer, Seth Rich. and Wikileaks. Your thoughts?

MONICA CROWLEY: Well, we don't know, obviously, what the facts are. I found it curious that Mr. Assange spoke on Dutch television yesterday and alluded to that fact.


BOLLING: Alright, so let me set it up a little bit. So, this guy was walking on the street. He's shot in the back, he is not robbed. He still has his watch, his phone, and his wallet.

CROWLEY: Right. Nothing was taken.

BOLLING: It's clearly not a robbery. There wasn't a robbery. They weren't even trying to get his information.


BOLLING: This was a hit.

CROWLEY: And law enforcement went in and the original report was that it was a robbery. But now, in view of Mr. Assange's comments and some other information, now they are taking a second look at this and saying not so fast. Maybe, in fact, it wasn't a robbery. Maybe there was something more sinister here. Wikileaks does work in the shadows, so we don't know for sure, but for Mr. Assange to suggest somehow that this young man, Mr. Rich, was an informant of theirs, I don't see why he would suggest that unless it may, in fact, be true. The question going forward, I think for Mrs. Clinton, for everybody here, is what else is out there? Who has it? Whose life may be in danger?

BOLLING: It's like an episode of Homeland.

CROWLEY: It may be worse in some ways.

BOLLING: So I was talking to my friend Nate. and he said -- you know, I told him about this story, and Nate says “You know, D.C. is dangerous.” I said dangerous? He was shot in the back and he kept all his money. There is something more here.

CROWLEY: Yeah. Look, where there is smoke, there is fire, so -- and I think Mr. Rich's parents want a fuller investigation, as they should well be entitled to. The question is how might this affect the election? Will there be an October surprise? Who is in control of those emails? Who has Mrs. Clinton's email inventory? The Russians? Wikileaks? No one knows.

BOLLING: Monica, we will leave it here. Thank you very much. Hear that, Nate? Where there is smoke there is fire. Lots of smoke right now.


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