Fox's Eric Bolling: Clinton “Is Done, She's Is Not Fit To Run The Country”

Bolling Pushes Conspiracy That An Unconscious Hillary Clinton Was Dragged Into Secret Service Van Because Of Health Issues 

From the September 12 edition of Fox News’ The Five

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ERIC BOLLING (CO-HOST): If you look at that video, I've seen it probably 100 times, that right foot is dragged along into the van anyway you slice it. There's no way that she's conscious being brought into that van. And remember he legs were staggering. Here's the problem 90 minutes it took the campaign to say it was overheating and then nine hours later, nine hours later they realize the video is out there. They got caught, and they said, “you know what? Five days ago, four days ago we knew her being diagnosed with pneumonia.” Now come on guys. They always revert to the lies. That's the natural reaction of the Clintons and Clinton campaign. I will tell you, she can't laugh it off anymore. I certainly hope the secretary is okay. But her campaign is in free fall right now. She is done, she is not fit to run the country. 


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